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Lactose Shitolerant

Upon my absence from blogging I have learned things about my body I never thought I would need to know… About six months ago I learned I have become lactose intolerant. Now who would have thought it’s something you can just get later in life? Well, not me. Here are a few ways I knew something was up with my body:

  • nausea
  • the gross one: diarrhea
  • the worst one: cystic acne

Let’s start with nausea. I have a busy life and I also focus on clean eating; which is why I consumed around five to seven cups of Greek yogurt a day. It was easy, fast, and protein packed. After a few months of doing my daily Greek yogurt ritual, I began to notice painful nausea where I wasn’t sure if I was going to: A) shit myself, or B) projectile vomit. I didn’t have any changes in my eating habits, so I kept eating the yogurt. I wasn’t sure if the yogurt was giving me problems, or if I had a stomach bug.

On to the nasty yet natural expelling topic of diarrhea. I’m a huge fan of ice cream cake, but my digestive system is not. I am also a fan of ungodly amounts of sugary cereal, and drinking the colorful milk after. Yet again, my body did not agree with my taste buds. Still this wasn’t a surefire sign of lactose intolerance because it was happening months apart from each other.

This is the devil symptom for me, acne. I never really had bad acne as a kid (crossing my fingers for the rest of my life), so when I began to get acne clusters all over my face I panicked. These weren’t your average blemishes. Most were deep, painful, and un-poppable. They were bright red all over my cheeks. Then tiny bumps littered my forehead. This is where I lost all confidence in myself. No amount of washing or acne clearing masks worked.

It was time to look at my diet, and dairy seemed to be the underlying sneaky son of a b!tch. I cut all things milk involved out and just like that my digestive problems were gone. My acne went down but even the tiniest amounts of dairy triggered it. I refuse to go to the dermatologist due to the fact that many prescribed acne medications have bad side affects. After digging through the internet I found HUM. I am in no way sponsoring this item but I feel like I need to share this. I know what the struggle is like to do everything to clear your face and nothing seems to work. Hum has many natural supplements geared towards various needs, but the one that I will stand by to my death is the supplement called,”Daily Cleanse.” My face is finally cleared, and it also regulates my digestive system which is a plus!

I am writing you this to help with the knowledge I have gained about my lactose intolerance. I hope you find this helpful!

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