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Baths are a religion

             If you are a preferred shower taker, this blog is sadly not for you. I take baths seriously, candles, a cup of coffee, and all the frills of H2O additives. I’m talking a minimum of an hour to at the max of three, baths are taken religiously to me. Now to get to the juicy part, bath salts! To me they are a necessity. Dr. Teal is my go to man for the brand. I know it sounds like I’m overselling the greatness of bath salts, but from sore muscles, exfoliation, and relaxation, they hit the spot. You might be wondering how on earth do soaking salts become an exfoliant? Easy, just take a fist size amount in your palm or loofa and gently (key word) scrub in circular motions on your skin. This is my summer secret for glowing legs. You can also add a moisturizing bath soap for a less abrasive texture. Dr. Teal brand makes a broad line of soaking salts with different benefits and scents to each one, but from my experience the Eucalyptus Spearmint line is my top pick each and every time. The spearmint opens my sinus and the eucalyptus leaves my skin feeling tingly refreshed. I swear by it, and whole heartedly recommend it to anybody and everybody!


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